Go Radio in the Last.fm Discover studio

Go Radio in the Last.fm Discover studio

Tallahassee, Florida band [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Go Radio[/lastfm] stopped by the Last.fm Discover Studios recently for an interview and to lay down some acoustic tracks. The conversation, though, took a turn into territory we never expected.

Topics included the formation of the band, lead singer Jason Lancaster’s previous work with [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Mayday Parade[/lastfm], and the meaning behind a few of their songs. During the discussion, though, Lancaster wound up telling a truly heartwrenching personal story, which was the inspiration behind one of Go Radio’s best songs, “Any Other Heart.”

We could never have predicted that the story would unfold into an inspiring grassroots display of fan dedication, love, and devotion.

First up, let’s have a listen to the song “Any Other Heart” performed live and unplugged:

And now the discussion that unleashed all the heartfelt support from Go Radio’s fans:

We honestly had no clue the amount of heartache and struggle that Jason’s family had gone through to inspire such beautiful songwriting; luckily one fan picked up on this early.

While condolences were shared around the entire Go Radio fan-family, Alec Joy stepped up and wanted to right a long overdue wrong. After seeing our video, Alec set up a paypal foundation through his new website: www.LancasterMemorialFund.com where friends may make donations of any size to help Jason finally give his late father a proper headstone.

In this, Alec discloses the following statment regarding his efforts:

To everyone reading this,

I just want to clear the air. My name is Alec Joy, I am a fan of Go Radio’s and the guy running the Herald Alan Lancaster Memorial Fund. Recently Jason Lancaster has received some messages, namely on twitter, questioning if he should be using his fans to raise money for his father and questioning the honesty of this fun. I want to make it clear that Jason Lancaster did not start this fund and I didn’t even talk to him about it until a full 36 hours after the fund was officially launched. The fundraiser is completely run by me with the help of all the people donating and spreading the word. Jason Lancaster is not asking his fans to give him money, and he has been nothing but grateful in this process. As for the honesty of this fund, I did expect some people to question my motives with all of the recent scams in the music industry. To try and combat that I send the log in information for the paypal account that all the donations go in to Jim Kopacz, the brother of Go Radio’s drummer Steve Kopacz. For proof of this simply head to Go Radio’s official website and read through the thread where I first discussed this with fellow Go Radio fans.http://community.wearegoradio.com/forum/topics/herald-lancaster-memorial-fund If you need any further answers please email me directly at billsfan83523@yahoo.com and I would be happy to answer any and all questions you can think of. To everyone that has helped thank you so much and spread the word.
-Alec Joy


While Alec Joy has truly cemented his role as a humanitarian and a hero, more thanks must be doled to other major supporters such as Shameless-Media.com and of course FearlessRecords.com.  Together they have currently raised over $600 towards their $3,000 goal and stress that every penny counts.  We are extremely proud and honored to have been a contributing factor to such a touching act of sympathy and we hope that you can find it in your hearts to chip in.  Thank you.


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