We’re getting ready to count down the top HFS Songs of the year–well, at least the five months since we launched on 97.5–and we want your opinions on which ones were the biggest, the best, and the most memorable ones that we played in 2011.

Out of all the new songs you heard on HFS this year, which ones are your favorites? And why? Tell us…then listen to HFS on Monday, January 2nd as we count down the biggest HFS Songs of 2011 all day long.

  1. Chris Jones says:

    neat. i miss those little lists after the switch of WHFS to 105.7 FM and the subsequent HD2 station HFS incarnations .They are fun. Any kind of interaction with listeners is good, it builds a fanbase. Tonight at work we were talking about this and how gnarley this station is as opposed to the other on in this town with its awful playlist (choice of artists to play,small number of active songs, a**clown on air personalities with no musical knowledge), but everyone likes WHFS because they actucally play what ppl want to hear, and we grew up with everyone on air and like all the djs. And hearing the album cut or lesser played single by different bands on HFS(everyones got a different fav HFS band, because its such a diverse station) make listeners happy! 🙂 I hope that my 2011 list is readable. it sort of got all jumbled together in the typing box window when i sent it. im sure there are songs i forgot too, but i’m sure other ppl didnt forget them. So tonight at work 4 of us all decided that this HFS is very good. We are all still sort of shocked that guys are able to go so deep this far into being on the air. Each of all feared that eventually it would revert to the standard top 3 of 4 songs per artist and such…please dont let this happen!! Keep doing what u are doing it is good! Thank you! Off work tom excited to listen with my best friend and ex girlfriend! I think Foo Fighters Rope will end of being number one, but Jane’s Addiction Underground was my personal favorite!

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