We tallied up all the requests we’ve received since we took over 97.5 FM on August 1st, and we also asked for your year-end favorites during the last week of the year…and the result is THE TOP 60 HFS SONGS OF THE LAST FIVE MONTHS OF 2011!

  1. Foo Fighters — “Walk”
  2. Bush — “The Sound Of Winter”
  3. AWOLNATION — “Sail”
  4. Blink-182 — “Up All Night”
  5. Foster The People — “Pumped Up Kicks”
  6. Red Hot Chili Peppers — “The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie”
  7. Young The Giant — “Cough Syrup”
  8. Rise Against — “Make It Stop (September’s Children)”
  9. Switchfoot — “Dark Horses”
  10. Incubus — “Promises, Promises”
  11. Foster The People — “Helena Beat”
  12. Cage The Elephant — “Shake Me Down”
  13. Grouplove — “Colours”
  14. Cage The Elephant — “Aberdeen”
  15. Rise Against — “Help Is On The Way”
  16. The Joy Formidable — “Whirring”
  17. The Black Keys — “Tighten Up”
  18. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds — “If I Had A Gun”
  19. 311 — “Sunset In July”
  20. Death Cab For Cutie — “You Are A Tourist”
  21. Foo Fighters — “Rope”
  22. Sublime With Rome — “Panic”
  23. The Black Keys — “Howlin’ For You”
  24. Foo Fighters — “These Days”
  25. Neon Trees — “Animal”
  26. The Black Keys — “Lonely Boy”
  27. Coldplay — “Paradise”
  28. Muse — “Uprising”
  29. Phoenix — “1901”
  30. Blink-182 — “After Midnight”
  31. Young The Giant — “My Body”
  32. The Airborne Toxic Event — “Changing”
  33. Mumford & Sons — “Little Lion Man”
  34. Silversun Pickups — “Panic Switch”
  35. The Dirty Heads — “Lay Me Down” (featuring Rome)
  36. Everlast — “I Get By”
  37. Middle Class Rut — “Busy Bein’ Born”
  38. Jane’s Addiction — “Irresistible Force”
  39. The Naked And Famous — “Punching In A Dream”
  40. Incubus — “Adolescents”
  41. Sleeper Agent — “Get It Daddy”
  42. AWOLNATION — “Not Your Fault”
  43. Social Distortion — “Machine Gun Blues”
  44. She Wants Revenge — “Take The World”
  45. The Naked And Famous — “Young Blood”
  46. Red Hot Chili Peppers — “Monarchy Of Roses”
  47. Middle Class Rut — “New Low”
  48. Rise Against — “Satellite”
  49. Sublime With Rome — “Take It Or Leave It”
  50. Florence + The Machine — “Shake It Out”
  51. Cake — “Long Time”
  52. Coldplay — “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall”
  53. Foster The People — “Don’t Stop (Color On The Walls)”
  54. Chevelle — “Face To The Floor”
  55. Linkin Park — “Waiting For The End”
  56. Mumford & Sons — “Roll Away Your Stone”
  57. The Airborne Toxic Event — “All I Ever Wanted”
  58. Social Distortion — “California (Hustle And Flow)”
  59. Two Door Cinema Club — “What You Know”
  60. Mumford & Sons — “The Cave”

That’s the list, according to you…all of your requests over the past five months of 2011, plus the votes you gave us in the last week of the year.

Which songs did you vote for? Which ones deserve to be higher on the list? Sound off in the comment section below!

Comments (5)
  1. Mike Giddings says:

    Music is finally back

  2. Chris Jones says:

    How are Dirty Heads “Lay Me Down?”, Pheonix “1901”, Linking Park “Waiting for the End”, and Muse “Uprising”, and especially Silversun Pickups “Panic Switch” on the list. (That’s why I included “Broken Bottles” instead of “The Royal We”, “Subsitution” or this one.) 2009 songs on a list for 2011. Okay then. I thought we were only doing the last few months, but whatever its cool. I wrote songs that came out in the spring this year, but intentionally didn’t include songs that came out in 2010 (most of the songs from Black Keys Brothers which i loved, the new Stone Temple Pilots, or Alice in Chains records), or for that fact 2009 (Pearl Jam “Backspacer” which spawned “The Fixer”, and “Just Breathe” Depeche Mode “Sounds of the Universe” and that one’s lead single “Wrong”, or Muse “Resistance” for “Undisclosed Desires”, and so many more ….on purpose. Well that being said there are many more song that I would have voted for if I knew that was okay….2010 Arcade Fire “We Used to Wait” among many others, i could make a WHOLE list for 2010, and 2009 well my vote would go for Pearl Jam’s “The Fixer”. But if enough listeners liked 2 year old songs enough to vote for ok! Plus HFS wasn’t in Baltimore at the time so i guess it sort of makes sense. It was fun to listen to, I haven’t heard one of these since what 2004? Nice work over all though! I can’t believe Jane’s Addiction “Underground” isn’t on here somewhere! That was my favorite song all year long! That is the only thing that confused me and always does about the list. Other than that a very fun listen! 🙂

    1. Spam says:

      Officially, we were asking people for their favorite new songs that they’ve heard us playing in 2011. Not all of it was released in 2011, but almost all of it was peaking or current during the year. We noticed that a couple of songs like “1901” and “Panic Switch” made the list even though they’re a couple of years old…but since we haven’t been on an FM frequency for quite a while, we decided to be lenient. 🙂

      As for “Underground” by Jane’s Addiction…it actually came in at #61. So close! Lots of good songs barely missed the cut.

      1. Chris Jones says:

        That’s cool. It’s all for fun, and I enjoyed this year countdown its been a while. Since what 2004 since WHFS has had one of these countdowns….yeah it was the promo saying favorite songs of the last 6 months that sort of threw me i guess. But i understand. It was a fun listen, and thats for putting so much effort into …..all of this. Its makes me for an enjoyable listen, and its makes me happy when i hear people talking about how awesome the station is now and how the love what hfs is playing instead of “it sucks that it spanish now”. I got so sick of people hearing say that that especially when it was on 105.7 FM or one of the HFS2’s. And then i’d have to explain no its on …….wherever it was at the time, and they look at me with a confused stare. I assume the thought i didn’t know what i was talking about or whatever…So its good that they are happy with no only it being back on FM, but happy with the depth of the playlist. I can’t believe how many songs are active on an FM station. I thought that for sure a lot of sacrifices would have to be made putting the HD2 station on a FM translator, but its pretty damn good as far as vareity of artists , number of different songs active, depth of playlists (lesser played singles, deep cuts, soundtracks, HFStival echos. etc….) , and of course the most new music first!! The fresh baked page is wonderful! (Since i work sunday nights).
        As for Jane’s, I have the record, so its cool i made my list into a cd that flows nice as i do every year. I used to make my own end of year coundown cds when HFS stopped doing it, so this year is no different, they aren’t exactly in order, but rather an order that flows well. “Underground” I took off “The Great Escape Artist” and put it first on my end of year compalation cd right before B Keys “Lonely Boy”. I couldn’t believe how many alt rock cd’s i bought this year,. Point being that a lot HFS bands released new records, this year, so it was the prefect time to bring the station back to FM! 🙂 (While i did love the HFS2 in DC and all the work that Mr. Jerry, and Mr. Cerphe early on b4 leaving, Adrian, put into building it. Plus it was awsome to hear Neci back on the air on that station too. But now that station is back where i live on FM so i can hear it in my car and all the my fav hfs dj are back so this is supergnarley!) Thanks.

  3. Paul L says:

    I just discovered on February 13th that HFS was back. I was bouncing around the net and wanted to listen to some music so I went to the other rock station’s website and they were playing the same recycled junk they always play and I started reminiscing on the old days when we had a good local rock station, so I looked up HFS and low and behold i saw the site. I was so excited. Then I saw the DJ line up and saw Gina Crash, Neci, and Tim Virgin and got even more excited.

    I am hearing songs here that I have never heard and good songs at that. I agree with much of what Chris Jones said. Such a large rotation. The HFS heritage of playing deep tracks is still part of what made this station great.

    Anyhow I just wanted to share my excitement and express my love for my favorite radio being back on the air.

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