I fully admit to being a guitar &  guitar pedal nerd.  At last count, I have in the neighborhood of 25 guitars.  Which admittedly is a little bit on the silly side for a few reasons.  Chief among those reasons is that I really only ever play one guitar- a re-issue 1952 Fender Telecaster with a Seymour Duncan mini-bucker in the neck.

Guitar PEDALS is a whole other sickness.  If you’re unfamiliar, guitar pedals are those wonderful little gadgets on the floor that guitar players plug into to make all those fun crazy guitar sounds that make the girls get all crazy.   I honestly could not count how many I have.  But I’ve been know to hear a sound on a recording and spend HOURS tracking down the pedal used to get a particular tone.

But I am not alone!  Chris Martin of Coldplay is JUST as silly as I am when it comes to falling in love with certain guitar sounds.  The Coldplay website has a blogger named “Roadie #42” who details the bands travel adventures.  And this week he talk about Coldplay jamming with Noel Gallagher at the BRITS.  Evidently Chris heard Noel play some kind of pedal and some how before the gig was over, that pedal ended up in Chris’ possession.  The whole story is here.

20120222C Chris Martin Of Coldplay Is A Guitar Nerd, Too!


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