Don’t Hate The Enquirer. You’re A Freak, Too….

Yes the National Enquirer posted Whitney’s Coffin photo. But admit it: As soon as you saw the news break online you kept clicking until you saw it. In fact I’d hazard a guess that as soon as you heard the news of her death you probably started looking for photos of it. Don’t hate on the National Enquirer because they remind us all of a few brutal facts which are: Humans are FASCINATED by our own mortality, OBSESSED with any kind of celebrity, AND EVERYONE has a camera.

Here’s a link to Whitney for the 3 of you that haven’t seen it.

And here’s a link to Elvis in his casket.

As for the camera thing….WHOLE OTHER STORY.  Cell phone cameras may well be the downfall of man.

If I lose my phone or it gets stolen, I worry about the hassle, I worry about how much APPLE is going to raw dog me on the cost of a replacement, and maybe I worry about who’s going to have access to my emails and contacts.  Except that my phone is set to self-destruct if you enter the wrong code more than twice.

Turns out a QUARTER of people have a WAY bigger problem than that.  According to a new survey of almost 2,000 smartphone owners over 18, 26% say they have a photo or video of themselves naked on their phone RIGHT NOW.  And those are just the people willing to admit to it!

Of that group, one-third have shared their homemade porno with someone.

12% of people also say they still have naked photos or videos of an ex, even though they’re in a new relationship.

Here’s the whole story.


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