135313722 John Lennon was a Bulemic?

Was John Lennon a Bulimic Who Loved “Huge Bowls of Rice Krispies with Scoops of Ice Cream on Top”?  A new book says YES!

There’s a new book out called “BackStage Pass VIP” by Debra Sharon Davis, which claims JOHN LENNON was bulimic.

Here are some interesting quotes from the book:

“Lennon was confused about his obsession with food.  Lennon was surrounded by talented musicians, but many had drinking and drug problems . . . so it was hard for them to see Lennon’s purging behavior as extraordinary.

“One must also realize that at that time the public and the media were unaware of bulimia as an addiction and health risk, which made it all the more frightening for John Lennon.  He literally had no point-of-reference on what he was experiencing.

“Privately, John Lennon harbored food fetishes.  For instance, Lennon loved eating huge bowls of Rice Krispies with large scoops of ice cream on top.  He enjoyed putting ice cream on everything when he could.”

The book also quotes John’s friend, singer HARRY NILSSON saying:  “John and I were having a heart-to-heart.  Then all of a sudden John went off about how powerful men had ravenous appetites and wanted to swallow the world whole.

“And he thought that was why he had this horrible problem  . . . being hungry all the time and overeating.  He said he often fantasized about large quantities of ‘forbidden’ foods.’  He said food was ‘sacred’ to him and it frightened him.

“He saw it as ‘a great weakness’ and he referred to it as ‘a lack of discipline.'”

I’m willing to believe some of this….though I think there’s a touch of dramatic license here as well.  I’ve read more than one account of John’s love of food and specifically his love of cereal.  But can you blame him?  Some times, a bowl of Rice Krispies really does hit the spot.

Here’s a link to the Book.



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