March 11th marks a unique “holiday” — 311 Day! Beginning in 2000, [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]311 [/lastfm]started the biennial tradition of inviting fans from all over to unite for a massive live performance.  This year, 311 invades Sin City, including a two-day concert at the MGM Grand, a private fan party, and more!  However, just because you can’t make it to Vegas, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate!

So round up your fellow 311 fans, proudly put on your favorite 311 shirt, and enjoy these great songs from the one and only, 311!

 Get in the groove with 311.

“Beautiful Disaster”

One of the band’s biggest hit songs, off of their 1997 album Transistor.  This song continues to be played on rock radio stations everywhere, making it a favorite for old and new fans alike!

“Speak Easy”

This album, Don’t Tread On Me, came out in the Summer of 2005.  “Speak Easy” is all about just chilling, and saying what’s on your mind.  This song reminds you to take a deep breath, “lift the roof off your soul,” and just let it go.


This Soundsystem track features some wicked drum beats by Chad Sexton.  Also contributing to the overall awesomeness of this song is Tim Mahoney’s guitar skills — he is one badass guitarist.

“Beyond the Gray Sky”

Released in 2003 on their seventh studio album, Evolver, this song is definitely a powerful one. Here’s what frontman Nick Hexum had to say about this song: “‘Beyond The Gray Sky’ is a really heartfelt song for me because it was written after the passing of my friend, a guy who took his own life. It’s kind of a summary of our fight to keep a positive attitude and seeing beyond the gray sky, seeing beyond the clouds. It’s a very emotionally cathartic thing for me, and a special thing when we play it live.”

“Strong All Along”

311 has a multitude of songs promoting a positive outlook on life, and this song is one of them.  This uplifting track from 1999’s Soundsystem, includes a groovy melody perfect for your 311 Day celebration!


All 311 fans are uniquely bound together in what they like to refer to as, “The Hive.” Interestingly, The Hive is also the name of 311’s personal recording studio in North Hollywood, where the band has recorded five of their studio albums.  This song, from 311’s self-titled 1995 “Blue Album,” is an amped up jam that any old-school 311 fan knows by heart.


This song is a B-side track from Soundsystem, and although it’s without lyrics, it’s worthy of praise.  P-nut is a master at slapping the bass.  This track can also be found on 311 Day: Live In New Orleans DVD, which is a great way to feel like you’re at 311 Day – without paying for the airfare!

“It’s Alright”

From their 2010 release, Uplifter, this song is a great addition to your local 311 Day celebration.  If you’re bummed you’re missing out on 311 Day in Vegas, don’t sweat it!  As Nick Hexum sings in the song, “It’s alright.  Wherever you are right now..That’s where you’re supposed to be now.”

“Other Side of Things”

Off of the 2003 album Evolver, “Other Side of Things” is a great song to party to on 311 Day.  So pick up your brew and turn the volume up!

“Don’t Let Me Down”

A classic 311 tune from the “Blue Album.”  Released in 1995, this song features the hip-hop and hard rock influences that helped shape 311’s music early in their career.


One of the jams off of 2001’s From Chaos is “Champagne.”  A standard that 311 often plays live, this song is easy, breezy and perfect to listen to on a warm summer’s night – or anytime for that matter.

“From Chaos”

A great mix of rock, the rap stylings of S.A. Martinez, and a fluid melody, this title song from the band’s 2001 album is definitely worthy of bumping in your car, playing in your headphones at the gym, and most importantly — perfect for celebrating 311 Day!


One of 311’s most notable and most-played songs is “Amber.”  Released in 2001, this song is the perfect addition to any 311 Day playlist!

“White Man in Hammersmith Palais”

A rare Transistor B-side, this song is featured on the live DVD, 311 Day: Live in New Orleans.  Combining the essence of 311 with a punk song from the legendary Clash is genius!

“Offbeat Bare Ass”

From the 1994 album, Grassroots, this song is the product of the bad ass and silly sides to 311.  Coming from their sophomore album, this song is definitely indicative of a young 311 touring the country together.  Nick raps about a fictional (?) story about the band getting busted for smoking pot, while S.A. raps about his fellow band mates pulling pranks on one another.


From 311’s first studio album, Music, released in 1993, this song will musically transport any 311 fan to their own version of paradise!

“Freeze Time”

The opening track from Soundsystem, and it definitely packs a punch!  This song exemplifies 311’s ability to ROCK!


311 has many mind-blowing songs, and “Eons” is one of them.  It’s raw intensity, balanced by it’s soulful lyrics makes this song a must-listen on 311 Day!

“Reggae Got Soul”

This wonderful [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Toots and the Maytals[/lastfm] cover was recorded by 311 for the soundtrack to the 2007 film, Surf’s Up.  You know, the one movie about the eager penguin who wants to surf?  The band’s spin on the classic reggae jam is so fun!


Another iree jam from 311 is this track off of Grassroots.  How ’90s is this music video?


The motto of 311 (which any die-hard 311 fan can tell you) lies within this track, “Stay positive and love your life.”

“Seems Uncertain”

This gem of a song from Evolver is just plain beautiful.  A perfect song to unwind to after a long, fun-filled 311 day!

“Use of Time”

311’s Transistor had 21 awesome songs, but this track is definitely a gem.  It’s mind-blowingly epic, and creates a perfect opportunity to raise your glass and toast to 311 Day!



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