132669626 Courtney Love:  The Muppets Raped Kurt Cobains Memory!

COURTNEY LOVE is upset that NIRVANA’S “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was used in the “Muppets” movie.  According to TMZ, she said this, quote, “raped” the memory of KURT COBAIN.

Courtney says that she never have permission for the Muppets to use the tune.

Here’s the thing sugar:  They didn’t need to.

First of all, it’s a parody, so there are probably fair use issues at play.

Secondly, Courtney sold off HALF of the rights to the catalog years ago (check your rehab bills Court, that’s probably where the money went) and sold off ALL the distribution rights.  Which means she gets money when the songs are used but has almost NO say in who gets to use it.

And finally- Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic (you know, the other 2 guys in Nirvana who have songwriting credit on many of the tunes) DID approve it AND Dave appeared in the film.

You just got LAWYERED C.Love.  Sorry lady, no one talks trash about Kermit and his crew where I can hear it.  (I’m sorry, I know my post seems mean spirited but as far as I’m concerned she’s the 90’s Yoko.)

TMZ has the whole story and a song clip HERE


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