Can 7 Days of Sex Save Your Relationship?

141316467 Can 7 Days of Sex Save Your Relationship?

Lifetime Is Launching a Reality Show Where Couples Try to Save Their Relationships . . . By Having Tons of Sex

You may have heard that GREAT SEX can save troubled relationships . . . but now a new Lifetime reality show will allow you to witness that process firsthand.

It’s called “7 Days of Sex” . . . and Lifetime says it challenges couples to, quote, “have sex for one week straight with the hope of saving their marriage.”

Each episode will follow two couples, who are placed on a “diet of daily sex.”  It’s unclear IF and HOW the relations will be depicted onscreen . . . or if the show is just couples TALKING about their daily romps.

“7 Days of Sex” premieres on April 26th.

It sounds a little intriguing, right?  Well, here are some RED FLAGS:

It’s unclear how OLD these couples will be.  Call me shallow if you want, but that’s a HUGE deciding factor in whether or not I check out this showI don’t want to see old people kissing….their mouths make that noise and though intellectually I am aware that old people do it, I don’t want to actully know about it.

And since this thing is on Lifetime, it’s going to be focused on women being the “good guys” and men being the “bad guys” in 90% of the shows.

here’s a link


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