Silversun Pickups Premiere Dreamy “Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)” Video Set In A Mystical Desert

Shimmering cosmos and shadowy figures appear through rock formations in a Joshua Tree-like atmosphere.

A mystical pearl-toned fog emanates from a shining box as a beautiful young redhead runs through the desert. Clad in white and emanating a Florence Welch-meets-Artemis vibe, the mysterious Silversun Pickups appear like a desert mirage in front of her.

This is just some of the enigmatic imagery that appears in the new James Frost-directed video for Silversun Pickups’ “Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings).”

Subsequently thrilling, dark, and beautiful, the video as an element of “horror,” especially with the band wearing all black and the seemingly frightened girl running from invisible force.

“I know everybody’s kind of running around saying it sounds like a horror movie…And it does,” frontman Brian Aubert said about Neck of The Woods. “It feels like a little bit of a horror movie. This record feels like a horror movie that hasn’t been invented and it needs the details of your life.”

“And it also kind of reminds me of Wargames for some reason. There’s a little bit of that on this record, I’ve got to admit.”

Silversun Pickups are very mysterious about the conceptual meaning of their new album Neck of the Woods. “It feels like a bit of a horror movie,” elaborated Aubert in an interview with KROQ/Los Angeles. “This record feels like a horror movie that hasn’t been invented and it needs the details of your life.

“It’s very fringe-y to me,” elaborated Aubert. “[It has] different meanings. I mean, Neck Of The Woods to me sounds sexual. It sounds like a horror movie that’s not around. It sounds like a desire to want to get in but you can’t.”

“Or, a desire to want to pull out something from the center into your fringe.”

Aubert also said that the band was  “so happy” that “Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)” was ultimately chosen as their lead radio single because the song is more indicative of a “prettier, dreamier” sound that was reflected in a song that they are “fond of” called “Rusted Wheel” from their first album Carnavas.

“‘Bloody Mary’ was something that I think we would have wanted to go for,” explained Aubert. “Like there was stuff on our last two albums that lean towards us being certain kind of rockers. There was areas that we could leaned more towards.”

“We don’t care about singles unlike bands who are a little more calculated and probably way smarter than we are. I think sometimes they like to lead with singles and all that stuff.”

“We never really give a sh*t about that-or haven’t so far-and so our philosophy has always been,” continued Aubert. “And I guess it still is: We don’t care what single gets chosen and how they want to re-edit.”

“But you can chop it up and put it on the radio and do whatever you want…As long the album is the way we want it.”

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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