Incubus Release 20th Anniversary Box Set, Incubus HQ Live, Dedicated To Fans

In celebration of Incubus’ 20th anniversary, the band is releasing footage of their live-streamed residency at a West Hollywood storefront in a collection called INCUBUS HQ LIVE. The footage in the box set is essentially a week in the life of the band and intimate interactions with their fans.

The 3 multi-disc sets includes offer various combinations of audio and video. Incubus HQ Live contains a 16-track CD + DVD, Incubus HQ Live Special Edition contains a 2-CD set + DVD while the granddaddy, the Incubus HQ Live Limited Edition Box Set, is only available via the band’s website.

In liner notes for the releases, lead singer Brandon Boyd gives some insight into the intentions behind the Incubus Live HQ performances and eponymous DVD/CD box set: “After twenty years, 7 albums, multiple live albums, EPs, DVDs, somewhere in the ball­park of 1,500 live shows, what could we do to introduce our newest album, If Not Now, When? in a manner that was both unique and memorable?” After brainstorming outside-of-the-box methods of sharing new music, Boyd decided “to invite fans into our living room and play the f***ing album live for them.”

Through social media, Incubus contacted fans with HQ dates and times. The shows were free and the residency lasted seven days. The CD configuration of HQ is divided by each night’s performances. The band treated fans to intimate versions of both hits and rarities. The final night is devoted to Incubus’ newest album: “If Not Now, When,” released June 12 of last year.

“We found in the Incubus fan base,” Brandon writes, “a kind of generosity, openness, and enthusiasm that we never could have predicted and or expected. As the days unfolded and meandered their way into each night’s performance, our anxieties quelled and we saw this experiment turn into a true success story. Not only at the sight of a room filled with smiles, flashes, laughs, and spontaneous interactions, or even the impassioned singing and emoting at close quarter. But more so, it was the sense that there was no one type of person who attended; online or in store.”

“So I guess for those of you who were watching online, for those of you who were in the room, and even you guys that will experience it long after the fact, what this experiment allowed is a small insight into the potential of the creative experience! The quiet knowing that under the right circumstances, we all can be witness to how inter­connected all of us actually are. Be it through the making of art, the witnessing of art, and or the memory of a time in art. It only exists because we are all there existing IT together! And I think this is where I say, ‘Thanks for that’.”

The package release coincides with the upcoming 2012 Honda Civic tour, on which Incubus shares a headline with Linkin Park. Tour dates, venues and tickets info is available on their website.

-Robyn Luttrell, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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