What do a fantasy film starring David Bowie, a heartwarming tale of survival, and jello-jiggling dinosaurs have in common? They are all components of some of the favorite flicks of “We Come Running” wunderkinds Youngblood Hawke.

The band, who have been classified as “weird pop” by other interviewers with their “big choruses,” “big songs,” and big “left-of-center” melodies, were not afraid to admit their not-so-weird love of certain cult icon films like Jurassic Park or Captain Ron because according to drummer Nik Hughes, “Kurt Russell’s the best thing that’s ever happened.”

Tasso Smith admitted his love for the “fairytale land” in Labyrinth featuring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly. Sam Martin gave props to the “super deadpan humor” in Wes Anderson’s first movie Bottle Rocket, and the lone girl in the group, Alice Katz, expressed her love of Life is Beautiful with Roberto Benigni.

“I love that movie and he doesn’t give up hope,” she explained. “The whole game that he makes up with his son to keep the whole experience, you know, innocent. As innocent for him as he can.”

Speaking of innocence and naiveté, Simon Katz said that his favorite movie was Jurassic Park.

“It’s just like one of the most amazing movies ever made,” said Katz, explaining how watching the 1993 film was a cinematic milestone for him. “Such an influence on my life. The first time I saw that I was literally like, ‘Dinosaurs are real!’ I was a little kid and it’s just one of those moments I still remember, you know? How amazing it was seeing that movie.”

Youngblood Hawke are no strangers to celebrating milestones. Katz and Martin have two matching tattoos–a hawk and an ampersand–to help them remember specific moments in their lives.

“We always get them at a moment when we kind of accomplish something,” said Katz. “Like the next kind of path in life. Mark it down,” agreed Martin. “You always want to remember it,” concluded Katz.

And there hit debut single, “We Come Running,” will definitely be a milestone for Youngblood Hawke to remember for years to come.

Youngblood Hawke’s self-titled début EP is now available on Universal Republic and single, “We Come Running,” is being offered as part of the iTunes free “Single of the Week” selection. You can download it here.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles/KROQ


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