During a lengthy conversation with KROQ radio jock Stryker, superstar EDM producer Deadmau5 (AKA Joel Zimmerman) discussed why he allows fans to watch him create music online, explaining that there are no shortcuts to achieving success on the very long road to marquee status.

“I decided one day to just set up live-streaming equipment in my studio so people can come in and watch me make music or whatever,” he explained, like earlier this year when he wrote and produced the song “There Might Be Coffee” online in front of an audience of fans over a 12-hour period. “I like the transparency of the way things work.”

Deadmau5 went on to offer some sage and sincere advice to fans who dream of making their own electronic music and turning it into an actual career.

“I’m really big on advocating technology, especially to my younger audience who wants to get into music production and stuff like that,” he stressed. “I don’t want you to fake your way through life and have this contrived career thinking that you’re going to make a million dollars being a DJ. The message really is that you’ve gotta put in the work, you’ve got to read the internet and learn the technology. That’s how it happens. It’s not you build a Mau5head, throw it on and then play a whole bunch of other peoples’ tracks.”

While Deadmau5 fans are busy learning music-making software to build their own party-rocking beats, they’ve just been hit with the epic new music video for “Professional Griefers” (see below), the smash collaboration between Deadmau5 and My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way. The UFC-themed clip debuted August 29th and is said to be one of the most expensive EDM videos ever.

–Scott T. Sterling, CBS Local


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