A very private person, The Killers‘ frontman Brandon Flowers is notoriously tentative in interviews. Rarely does he speak about his wife Tana, their four children, religion or politics. But Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney’s recent endorsement of the band has forced Flowers and the band to field questions as to whether they’ll reciprocate.

And the resounding answer is no.


In an interview with London’s The Independent, Flowers has a difficult time opening up, but ends up surmising that Romney had likely sought his approval in hopes of gaining acceptance with the band’s audience. But despite Romney’s public outreach, the band is not altering their stance.

When asked if their shared Mormon faith meant Romney saw Flowers as a rock star he could trust, Flowers said “… I think that’s something that definitely made it a little bit easier to reach out to me.”

Despite Flowers’ meeting with Romney at a lunchtime event last year, the singer remains unwavering in his lack of endorsement saying “we’ve [as a band] always been neutral, so we just kinda stay out of it. None of us is planning any rallies for anybody.”

Flowers goes on to say, “I don’t think you shouldn’t vote for him because of his religion.”

“There’s no secret bombshell that’s gonna get dropped if he becomes President! Some new law…,” Flowers clearly joking about a potential ban of caffeinated drinks.

So, the question that still beckons an answer is, why, if faith and values line up with a candidate’s, why won’t the band use their podium to shape the political landscape? Is there a fear that more fans may realize their favorite band is fronted by a Mormon?

The Killers’ new album Battle Born hits stores September 18th.

— Jay Tilles, CBS Local

  1. Tim says:

    Good for him. I get so tired of famous people screaming their political opinions simply because they’re famous. Anyone remember Alec Baldwin saying he would move to France if Bush was elected again? Or that Judge in Texas saying there would be another Civil War is Obama is elected again? Just because you’re rich and famous doesn’t mean your opinions and views are better then anyone elses you just have the means of reaching more people. Good to see someone with the right idea, “just let me play music”.

    Rock on Mr. Flowers!

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