A little over two years ago, Ohio-based Walk The Moon were just some kids wearing facepaint in the kaleidoscopic music video for their expansive exalt-pop tune “Anna Sun.” At first, it was the catchy choral-style harmonies of “Anna Sun” that inspired listeners to instantaneously turn up the volume. But yearning for a fresher, sunnier dance party far from the wuhb-wuhb of the dubstep drone, hopeful youth showed up to Walk The Moon shows with their faces emblazoned with bright stripes.

For these fans, Walk The Moon represented fun-loving freedom with their ’80s-inspired Bowie-esque rhythms and Adam Ant theatricals.  Radio stations started spinning them and it wasn’t long until Walk The Moon was the indie band crush that everyone wanted brightening up their red carpets.

Eventually, VH1 named them a “You Oughta Know” artist while MTV made them one of their yearly Push Artists and they garnered the coveted opening slot on the fun. tour. The quartet was definitely on their way to “rattling” the music scene.

In an interview with KROQ in Los Angeles, Walk The Moon talked about who their “band crushes” were when they were young.  Recalling the hotness of the Tragic Kingdom-era Gwen Stefani, guitarist Eli Maiman said that No Doubt was a “big deal” for him.

Drummer Sean Waugaman said that he was obsessed with Green Day‘s Dookie and would drive his teachers crazy singing the songs in class. Maiman had his own memories of Green Day saying their infamous track, “Longview” from Dookie, had “a lot of mysterious words for a third grader.”

“I remember trying to figure out what this word was and it was ‘mass temptation’ lost it’s fun?,'” said Maiman, coyly alluding to the sexual nature of the lyrics. Bassist Kevin Ray had a similar experience with loving Third Eye Blind and not realizing that their self-titled album which includes tracks like “Semi-Charmed Life” and “Jumper” was about drugs.

When it was pointed out that their “band crushes” weren’t really indicative of their current sound, Maiman said that their biggest sonic influences, the ones that really stuck with them, were bands that they discovered in their early college years like the Talking Heads, the Police, and David Bowie.

“What you listen to when you’re first becoming an artist and feeling creative,” Ray agreed, explaining that “there’s a difference between just being a fan and being an active, creative listener.”

–Nadia Noir, KROQ Los Angeles

Walk the Moon’s self-titled debut album is now available on RCA Records.


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