Our Love Affair With No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani: 5 Reasons Why She’s Still Rock’s #1 Crush

Backstage in the press room of a weekend radio festival, the entourages of resurgent ’90s rock bands Green Day and No Doubt found themselves in a most awkward situation. Just moments before Billie Joe Armstrong’s notorious onstage rant that has landed him in rehab, the Green Day frontman shocked everyone within earshot by loudly telling No Doubt’s legendarily adored singer Gwen Stefani, “If I wasn’t married I’d f*** the s*** out of you!” According to Billboard, it was No Doubt’s famously outlandish drummer Adrian Young who broke the tension by exclaiming to Armstrong, “And if I wasn’t married, I’d f*** the s*** out of YOU!”

Stefani’s appeal is not limited to old-school rock heroes. Rome, the 24-year-old singer who performs as part of Sublime With Rome, recently spoke to CBS Local exclusively about his dream performance, which would be to sing the Sublime song “Saw Red” live with Stefani, who performed on the original version of track, found on Sublime’s 1994 sophomore album Robbin’ the Hood.

“Everyone would expect that. Me singing with Sublime now, and Gwen Stefani being gorgeous and awesome,” Rome said. “Plus, who knows, we might start talking and get to know each other and take her out to dinner or something.” When he’s reminded by the interviewer that Stefani is happily married to the band Bush‘s lead singer Gavin Rossdale, Rome only laughed. “Yeah, that’s true, huh?”

Such unbridled and public affection for Gwen Stefani is really nothing new; there is a palpable sense of connection, having watched her evolve from the precocious upstart representing Orange County in an Anaheim baby-tee (remember those?) in the 1993 video for “Just A Girl” to her current status as 42-year-old fashion and pop culture icon. As a result, Stefani has become one of the most beloved and perpetually crushable celebrities of our time. She’s the kind of woman that other females feel good about admiring and guys still dream of hooking up with. Stefani exists in a rarefied air of her own creation, one that female singers half her age aspire to someday achieve.

How exactly did Gwen Stefani become the most admired and generally adored person in rock since her male counterpart in likability, Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters? As No Doubt releases their much-anticipated new album, Push and Shove (the band’s first in a decade), let’s break down Stefani’s undeniable appeal and reveal the five reasons why she’s still the rock world’s Number One Crush.

She’s Just So Darn Cute Much like fellow celebs Jennifer Aniston and Cindy Crawford, Stefani’s classic, all-American good looks never go out of style. Even through the countless style evolutions over the years, her sunny Orange County appeal always shines through.

She’s The Ultimate Girlfriend/Wife Stefani’s well-known relationship history is rather unique in the world of rock. She was loyal to her high school boyfriend (bandmate Tony Kanal) to the point of the break-up almost ending the band. Instead, No Doubt flipped the drama into 1996 mega-hit “Don’t Speak,” with Stefani going on to marry eternally hot Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale like some sort of Nicholas Sparks rock novel, only it’s real life.

She’s Hella Good Unlike so many pop creations littering the current musical landscape, Gwen Stefani is really talented. Able to mine her personal life experiences into catchy, memorable songs, she’s also a true road warrior who can deliver the goods onstage over the course of a grueling tour. Holding her own even when working with production heavyweights like the Neptunes and Major Lazer, Stefani’s presence is rarely (if ever) outshined.

She Makes Bank In addition to the money she’s earned from No Doubt and her solo records, Stefani’s spun her singular style into two fashion lines (L.A.M.B. and Hirajuku Lovers) as well as being a spokemodel for make-up giant L’Oreal. In 2005, Hewlett-Packard produced a limited edition Gwen Stefani camera, also using the singer in a 2007 TV campaign for their computers. Even Jay-Z would be proud of Stefani’s business acumen.

She’s As Sexy As She Wanna Be While Stefani’s eternal cuteness has already been discussed, it has to be said: when she’s not just kicking it with the guys and decides to turn up the heat, Gwen Stefani is hotter than women half her age. Recently seen rocking a tiny bikini on a beach in Miami, there’s no denying that at 42, Stefani has more than got it going on, big time.

–Scott T. Sterling, CBS Local


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