Matisyahu Thanks Wrong City During Concert, Three Times

Rolling from city to city over the course of a year takes it toll on many a rock star; Falling asleep in one city, waking up in another. Suburbs across the country likely appear indistinguishable after the 150th city.

In 2009, Depeche Mode famously thanked the country of Peru when in fact they were in Chili. Songstress Alanis Morrissette greeted Brazil in 2003 while performing in Peru and “The Boss,” Bruce Springsteen, repeatedly thanked his Michigan fans while entertaining fans at a gig in Ohio.

Two months into his tour promoting Spark Seeker, Matisyahu confesses his embarrassment over saluting the wrong city. Speaking with Spinner, the musician recalls the moment his blunder came into focus. “I am sitting, watching the morning unfold from the lounge thinking about the last three months and the two to follow, begins the singer.” “Night after night in another city. Last night I hit an all-time low when I called out to Telluride… only we were in Flagstaff.”

Matisyahu confesses his crew did their best to bail him out. “Three times. Chris, the front of house sound engineer, texted Harv the tour manager in the middle of the show to relay the message.” Fortunately, the crowd went along with it and “cheered along” despite the error.

— Jay Tilles, CBS Local


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