Shiny Toy Guns are no strangers to long hours and hard work. With III, the band’s 3rd album hitting stores October 23rd, the Los Angeles rock band wanted to release a video that would have an impact on their fans. As it turns out, the shooting process for “Somewhere To Hide” appears to have had an unexpected impact on the band itself.

“We had this concept, ‘girl wants to get to guy across the country’ and we said ‘what.. are we actually going to drive across the country?” Frontwoman Carah Faye Charnow laughs as she explains to CBS Local, “Yes, we were actually going to drive across the country.”

“It was like a spiritual journey,” says the singer of their 26 day road trip looping across America.

According to Charnow, she and keyboardist Jeremy Dawson needed to get out of Los Angeles after going through something “emotional.”  ”Get us out of LA,” she continues, “away from our friends, let’s just do something therapeutic.”

“Driving over the Rockies at 4:45 in the morning, going like 130mph trying to get to Utah, recalls Dawson. “We hadn’t been on the road in so long it literally felt like a tour, no sleep, McDonalds, falling asleep at the wheel, but it was an amazing journey.”

The story begins as “the Loverunner” played by singer, Carah Faye, receives a text from a lost love interest in Brooklyn, New York, 4,000 miles away from her home in Hollywood, California. In a fury of emotion, the Loverunner bursts out her door, and prepares to run, on foot, all the way across the United States. Through storms, canyons, rivers and mountains, she makes her journey. But along the way, “The Chosen One”, played by guitarist Chad Petree, tries to stop her, slow her down, and destroy her; preventing her from reaching her love.

Shiny Toy Guns’ III is available everywhere October 23rd.

— Jay Tilles, CBS Local


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