In Jimmy Kimmel Live’s most recent sponsor-driven sketch, Blink-182’s Travis Barker tells the story of a once super-cool, tattooed rock star that had sadly lost his mojo after becoming a parent.

“Being a dad is great. But things start to happen to you that they don’t tell you about in parenting books.. dark things,” Barker says with a stoic, rather depressed-looking face. Fortunately for the drummer, he’s soon saved when he finds an invaluable public service that would change his life; “Helping Parents To Rock.”

According to the PSA, his time as a parent had robbed him of his drumming chops and destroyed his taste in music and pension for making trouble.

As the PSA continues, Barker is rehabilitated to his former self, thanks to the “Helping Parents To Rock” team.


The Kimmel staff didn’t leave any loose ends. The promo even provides a toll free phone number, (855) NOW ROCK. Calling the number reveals a pre-recorded announcement offering several selections including an emergency line, connecting callers to Tenacious D. Choosing option 2 to report a parent that does’n’t rock directs the caller to the KISS street team. Looking for group support? Option 3 will connect you to Alanis Morrissette to help you find a seminar in your area.

Additional public service announcements can be found at

— Jay Tilles, CBS Local


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