As a holiday, Halloween has evolved from a night when kids traverse local neighborhoods trick-or-treating for candy into something decidedly more mature. October 31 is when adults can indulge in dark-lit, Bacchanalian fantasies where even zombies are sexy.

To get in the right frame of mind to fully transform into character on Halloween, many goblins and ghouls turn to booze to fully unleash those inhibitions. Given the macabre nature of the holiday, there’s no reason your drinks shouldn’t get in on the fun, too. Instead of serving the typical cocktails at your rockin’ Halloween party, get eerie and dare your friends to choke down one of these frankly gross-looking drinks. They’ll be pleasantly surprised when they take a sip to discover just how good they taste. The potency of these spooky drinks is left up to you, aspiring bartender. Just be sure to confiscate all car keys at the door (key party alert!), and no drinking and driving! The only thing worse than messing around and getting a DUI is wreaking mayhem on the unsuspecting public with a fiery car crash. Happy Halloween and party safe!

Brain Hemorrhage – Nothing says Halloween quite like a shot that looks like some kind of bloody alien brain floating in liquid. This scary-looking mixture of schnapps, Irish Cream and grenadine might look like a horror movie in a shot glass, but it tastes good and sweet, just like a holiday cocktail should.

Ghostbuster – Similar to the Brain Hemorrhage, this frightful-looking concoction gives the appearance of something truly gruesome floating in it by adding Irish Cream to peach schnapps and melon liqueur.

Day-Old Bath Water Punch – Just as stomach-churning as drinks with scary stuff floating in them are cocktails that come complete with a layer of “scum” floated on top of them. Such is the case with this actually yummy Halloween classic that utilizes rainbow sherbet to create the scummy effect. Traditionally a virgin drink for kids, kick it up with vodka give it that grown-up edge.

Sewer Water – This murky mixture gets its scary sewerage-like hue thanks to the combination of OJ and Dr. Pepper soda. That old party favorite vodka adds the spirit to this Halloween drink.

Rotting Swamp Punch – For this party-pleasing punch, it’s the lime sherbet that creates the green “swamp” that settles on top. To really add an edge, fill a couple of rubber gloves with water and freeze them to float in your punch bowl to keep the drink chilly (not to mention look even creepier with disembodied hands floating it in).

–Scott T. Sterling, CBS Local


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