During a recent interview with CBS Local, Blink-182 bassist/singer Mark Hoppus expressed frustration with the current political climate in America, particularly in regards to the contentious 2012 Presidential race between Barak Obama and Mitt Romney.

“It’s very difficult for me to watch everything going on in this election. It’s so acrimonious and so divisive,” Hoppus mused on a phone call from his current residence in London, England. “There’s such a negative, bitter feel to it all. I couldn’t even watch the Presidential debates, because they were so viscerally uncomfortable for everyone involved. You can just tell that (Obama and Romney) do not like one another at all. It almost makes you want to turn away from the political process, but at the same time it’s imperative that I participate in that process as well. ”

Despite his trepidation towards this year’s tense battle for America’s highest office, Hoppus is still politically active, being a longtime supporter of same-sex marriage and even inspiring heated debate from both sides on his Twitter account.

“I want to encourage people to go out and vote, but vote intelligently,” Hoppus stressed, having already submitted his own absentee ballot. “Do some modicum of research. People should vote and have a sense of what they’re actually voting for. And do some reflection before stepping into the polling booth and pushing a button or whatever it is that people do now.”

Hoppus and the rest of the newly independent Blink-182 are currently writing new material that they plan to start recording in February of next year, upon the band’s return from an Australian tour.

–Scott T. Sterling, CBS Local


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