If we were playing a game of skeletons in the closet, Matt & Kim would win, mostly because their candid interview style is as colorful as their live performances.

In an interview with KROQ in Los Angeles, fierce babe Kim not only lowered her skivvies to show off her provocative tatts, but also admitted to being into guys with chest hair.

The sexual proclivity is not something that Kim developed in her adulthood; the drummer confessed to being at a sleepover in 6th grade and buying sex gifts at a place like Spencer’s Gifts.

After picking up some old school Chippendale’s cards, Kim proclaimed to her grossed-out adolescent girl friends that she liked hairy chests because she could “put her teeth through” the chest hair.

“I thought that was sexy,” Kim admits. “I still think it’s sexy.” Luckily, Matt has a little bit for Kim to play with.

Much to the enjoyment of her fans, Kim has a natural tendency to vocalize exactly what she’s thinking. At a show the night before, the slightly chest-hairy Matt said that booty-droppin’ Kim started wilding-out to the point of virtual possession.

“She starts saying really weird things and really gnarly words and phrases and things about sexual stuff and then the next day she doesn’t even remember,” laughed Matt. “I was told this morning that I might have said that the crowd have very large something and I wanted them to rub it on my face,” Kim corroborated.

Will she remember what she said during this interview? When Matt was asked if he had a sordid little story of his own to match Kim’s chest-hair teeth-gnashing joys, Matt said he couldn’t think of anything that would compare with that story.

Kim countered mischievously with, “We could say that you like no hair.” Blushing, Matt made it clear that some things should be left unsaid.

Lightning, Matt & Kim’s latest full length release is now available everywhere.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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