SoCal legends Bad Religion will soon release their 16th album but not without giving us a teaser first. Like a drug dealer doling out free samples in hopes of return customers,Greg Graffin and his band of merry punksters have sprung a surprise single on us today.

“True North” is the title track from the new album hitting stores January 22nd.

On November 5th, the band began streaming their two-minute-and-fifteen-second punk anthem title F*** You. Greg Graffin, the band’s singer and co-songwriter explained, “If any band should have a song with that title it’s us. It just sounds like a perfect Bad Religion song.”

True North track list

  1. “True North” (1:56)
  2. “Past Is Dead” (2:39)
  3. “Robin Hood in Reverse” (2:53)
  4. “Land of Endless Greed” (1:53)
  5. “F*** You” (2:14)
  6. “Dharma and the Bomb” (2:00)
  7. “Hello Cruel World” (3:50)
  8. “Vanity” (1:02)
  9. “In Their Hearts Is Right” (1:59)
  10. “Crisis Time” (2:39)
  11. “Dept. of False Hope” (2:40)
  12. “Nothing to Dismay” (2:07)
  13. “Popular Consensus” (1:53)
  14. “My Head Is Full of Ghosts” (1:46)
  15. “The Island” (2:23)
  16. “Changing Tide” (2:23)

Pre-order True North at the band’s online store or hang onto that iTunes gift card you’re sure to get from Grandma.

truenorth cover Bad Religion Streams True North, Title Track From January Release

Courtesy Epitaph

— Jay Tilles, CBS Local


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