During an interview on Tony Hawk‘s satellite radio show, the skateboarding legend asked Black Keys‘ Patrick Carney about his obsession with 80’s new-wave band Devo. “They’re my heroes,” explains the drummer.

Carney described a funny story that occurred when he was 15 or 16. Obsessed with Devo, he was delighted to learn they’d be headlining the 1996 Lollapalooza festival near his home town. Unfortunately for the young Carney, his boss wouldn’t give him the day off work. 

According to an Akron, OH newspaper interview, Devo co-founder Mark Mothersbaugh would be staying with his parents home not far from Carney. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to meet his idol, he opened the phone book and dialed all twelve Mothersbaugh listings. He asked, “Hi, can I speak with Mark?” to more than just a few upset recipients. Much to his surprise, an older woman picked up and upon hearing the inquiry, yelled “Marky, you have a telephone call.” After apologizing for bugging him at home, Carney explained he was a huge fan and they talked for a minute. After hanging up, Carney, still excited, touted to all his friends that he just spoke with Mark Mothersbaugh, to which his friends offered, “We should go to his house.”

Having just received his driver’s license, he packed the car and headed to the Mothersbaugh residence. Instantly recognizing a car full of teenage fans, Mothersbaugh approached the car and chatted them up for “ten minutes.” the party went south when Mothersbaugh’s sister came out of the house and began poking fun at the group of super-fans, calling them “spuds.” With embarrassment setting in, the group packed up and left. Now that time has passed, and embarrassment long gone, he looks back on their adventure as “awesome.”

— Jay Tilles, CBS Local


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