Born Charlotte Aitchison, the British 20 year old has been making waves in the UK music scene as Charli XCX since her parents funded her first album at 14.

After releasing a smorgasbord of singles, EPs and mixtapes, the singer was recently asked how she liked her music being called “Tumbler-Wave.” Confessing her obsession over the popular blog-sharing site and its endless supply of animated gifs, she laughs, telling The Guardian, “Oh my goodness… TumblerWave, it sounds so hipster doesn’t it. At the end of the day, I wanna make a pop record. I don’t wanna be cool and sh**.”

Only a month after Charli XCX released her black and white video for “Cloud Aura,” she’s launched a follow up with “You (Ha Ha Ha).” The video follows the brightly outfitted singer bouncing through a gun factory, loading gun shells, trading the lead tips for lipstick. Just today the singer issues a statement via Twitter regarding the video’s theme.

…The video pays homage to the grindhouse genre as well as some of my favorite movie characters. I wanted to create a kick ass girl power setting for my own grindhouse pop video, with cats, colour + lipstick.

The idea is to make lipstick, not war, but I’d like to say sorry if anyone has mistaken this video for advocating violence. I’m swapping bullets for lipstick + firing out shots of love with my kick ass girl gang from outerspace! Remember u can pre-order the song now + download on Feb. 10th XCX


Charli explains her dream has always been “to make a proper album that kids would go and buy in a record shop and hold it and put the artwork on their wall. That’s what I did when I was younger.”

Charli XCX is expected to release her first full length album this February via I Am Sound Records.

–Jay Tilles,


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