"You never know. I might be an American soon."

With their complex songwriting, progressive guitar chords, and explosive electronic orchestration paired with otherworldly lyrics, Muse has climbed to the higher echelon of rock stardom.

In twenty years, it’s a safe bet that Muse will be considered as influential to artists of that generation as the Rolling Stones have to the bands of today. While Muse is truly an arena band with their larger-than-life sound, they are also a bunch of down-to-earth dudes who schedule their days and recording sessions around their family on both sides of pond.

The band is in the middle of a three night stand at Staples Center in Los Angeles having played last night, tonight and Saturday. During an interview with KROQ Los Angeles morning show hosts Kevin & Bean yesterday, frontman Matthew Bellamy said that he considers it a “homecoming show” because both he and Dominic Howard have homes in London and Los Angeles.

Their bi-continental life seems to suit them. Bellamy joked that he took America’s best women while Howard noted that while Muse composed their latest album The 2nd Law in London they also spent some time recording the guitar parts for “Madness” in Rick Rubin’s sunny garden in Malibu.

So, despite Muse’s British upbringing, they are familiar with the beauty of Southern California and Bellamy even raises his family with Kate Hudson here part-time. He said that his daily tour routine for the next few days will be his children acting as alarm clocks.

“In LA, I just get woken up by the kids first thing in the morning,” laughed Bellamy, joking that he tells his kids he needs a break “until lunch at least” because he “didn’t finish partying until like 3am last night.”

Is there potential that Muse might officially become American citizens? Well, Bellamy confessed that they might play a Jimi “Hendrix-y” cover of the “Star-Spangled Banner” at the Staples Center like they did they did at their San Diego show.

“Just instrumental… I feel like you have to be an American to sing it,” explained Bellamy. “But you never know. I might be an American soon. So, you never know… I might be able to sing it.”

It sounds like Muse may be here to stay.

–Nadia Noir, KROQ Los Angeles


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