The controversial trial in Prague where Lamb of God lead singer Randy Blythe is facing manslaughter charges resumed today (March 4) after adjourning in early February due to an ill witness, among other issues.

“And so I need to sleep so that I may face the day tomorrow with a rested body & mind,” Blythe posted to his Instagram account the night before the trial resumed.

“This shot pretty much shows how I’ve been feeling for a [while] now- torn in half, stuck in between two worlds, neither here nor there, waiting and watching for an answer to come, so that I can move forward again as a whole man,” Blythe mused on another revealing Instagram post. “What direction I will move in, I do not know yet. Regardless, I am ready for the waiting to be over. I will move forward no matter what, and I will not be split in two anymore, no matter where I wind up. This is frustrating for me, but I am slowly learning to be a patient man. Life just happens. Deal with it.”

Blythe is accused of pushing teenage fan Daniel Nosek to his death during a Lamb of God show in 2010, and faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted for manslaughter (he could be convicted for negligence instead, which comes with a much milder suspended sentence). Nosek’s family is also seeking more than $500,000 in damages in the suit.

“Every one of us could in their lifetimes get into a situation in which we act without mercy, but this is not a personality trait of his,” testified criminal psychologist Alena Gayova in Blythe’s defense, according to Rolling Stone, with the psychologist adding that the singer fell within “normal” ranges on stress tests conducted while he was in custody for more than a month last summer.

During the proceedings, Anna Rozsivalova, a female acquaintance of Nosek’s that night, testified that she witnessed Blythe push her friend aggressively from the stage and into the crowd.

“He climbed onto the stage, and when he tried to stand up, Blythe shoved him,” Rozsivalova said, adding that the atmosphere inside the Abaton club was “crazy” during the show.

Security guard Jan Cernansky, who was working the door on the night question, stated that he saw Nosek leave the Abaton with two friends, claiming they “needed to go out for fresh air.” He also testified than an ambulance arrived 5-10 minutes later.

According to CBS 6, the trial judge said it was “likely” that Blythe’s verdict would be handed down as soon as tomorrow (March 5).


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