Not to be confused with the “Harlem Shake,” “Harlem” is the new single by New Politics, a Danish-American rock band living in Brooklyn. In recent weeks the band has received notable attention from blogs, television and radio and their bouncy romp through the New York’s infamous city is at the center of it.

Sitting down over an In-N-Out Double-Double , the band explained the song’s inspiration to


“Harlem is simply an adventurous romance that happened in Harlem,” explained frontman David Boyd. “We were in Brooklyn (the band’s home base) and I met a girl in Harlem and it was just funny. You know, you go there and some of the places are a little sketchy, you put your money in you sock,” he said followed by an extended pause as if seeking approval from his bandmates for what he was about to say. “Some of the girls there are pretty crazy. They definitely show you a good time. That’s all I want to say.”

After the laughter subsides, the band then whipped out an assortment of acoustic instruments and treated the drive-thru customers to a lively performance.


Boyd also revealed his not-so-secret past as a professional break-dancer, which he proudly put on display in the Lenny Bass-directed music video.

New Politics has also revealed a two-minute behind-the-scenes look at the video’s production.


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