"We had to spend some time boiling all the gristle and meat off the bones."

As guitarist Edwin Congreave turned his head to avoid laughing on camera, Foals frontman Yannis Phillippakis explained, in gory detail, the band’s experimental use of animal bones as instruments during the recording of Holy Fire.

What started as a joke, explained Phillippakis, quickly became the chore of the band’s intern who would find himself visiting numerous butcher shops near their Oxford, England studio.

It was the intern’s job to “collect bones for us that we wanted to use for percussion,” Phillippakis told Radio.com. “It was kind of a chore. Then we had to order specially-sized cooking pots for these huge like cow shoulder blades and then we had to spend some time boiling all the gristle and meat off the bones.”

And the end result? Phillippakis confessed, “at the end of this long protracted procedure, when we actually got onto hitting the bones in front of a microphone it was one of the most underwhelming sounds you’ve ever heard. It was like two paintbrushes being hit together.” The sound was so boring that they didn’t end up using any of the recordings. The intern’s bone collection was in vain.

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