A Day To Remember’s Jeremy McKinnon On Sticking To Their Metal Roots

"We’re still influenced by the same things that got us to where we are."

As frontman Jeremy McKinnon promised, A Day To Remember has completed the recording phase of their forthcoming album Common Courtesy.

In an exclusive interview with Radio.com, singer and chief songwriter Jeremy McKinnon said that the recording process was delayed due to an unusual problem – having too much material.

“We had so many songs this time around; it was a pretty demanding process,” explained McKinnon. “It wasn’t as simple as just recording these 14 songs. To be honest, we ended up working out more than a double album’s worth of material and we’re trying to trim it down to make it the best it can be, to where it’s an actual concise record.”

But as evidenced by McKinnon’s tweet yesterday (March 19), the band checked off that phase.

Last fall the rockers posted a countdown clock to their website. In December, when the clock hit zero, a new song was posted. Fans seemed pleased by the decidedly heavy track, titled “Violence (Enough Is Enough).”

But with the band’s growing mainstream success, why did first release a heavy track and not a mass-appeal pop-punk track or ballad? It turns out that fans were at the heart of the decision.

“No matter how many heavy songs are on the record, we always put one of the best heavy songs out first,” McKinnon explained.  “Growing up as fans of metal and hardcore bands, we always felt like these heavy bands grow to a point where everybody loves them in that world and then they all turn into nu-metal bands – all of them. They turn into southern rock bands or radio rock bands. But that’s not what people loved them for. They completely abandon their sound. In our eyes, we see it as, A Day To Remember always has to come out of the gate with a heavy song to let those fans know we’re still the same band. We’re still influenced by the same things that got us to where we are. And, we still care about you, our fans. I feel like the heavy music scene is the most touchy when it comes to that too because they usually get screwed over. I know this because we grew up feeling the same way.”

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