"The most hateful and hurtful things are done in the name of some sort of belief system." - Jerry Cantrell

Currently enjoying the No. 1 at rock radio for nearly six weeks with “Hollow,” Alice In Chains have released the cover art for their controversial fifth album, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here.

The title refers to the common belief among many religions that Satan placed dinosaur bones upon the earth to deceive man. Other religions preach that God placed them in order to test man’s faith. Scientists estimate dinosaurs began roaming the earth 225 million ago, which contradicts many religions that site the preach the planet’s age at only 10,000 years.

aliceinchains devilputdinoshere 4351 Alice In Chains Puts Religion On Blast With The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

Courtesy Columbia Records

In an interview with Revolver Magazine, AIC frontman Jerry Cantrell related the album’s subject matter to his outrage toward organized religion.

“What I’ve seen is the most basic message to most faith systems is in contradiction with how it gets applied,” he said. “The human element seems to f*** it up. It seems to f*** up the basic truths of acceptance, loving your brother, helping each other out, not trying to kill each other or steal each other’s s***. Those are all pretty good ideas. And most of your major religions have those things as basic tenets of the belief system. It always amazes me that some of the most hateful and hurtful things are done in the name of some sort of belief system.”

“We had to think a bit and discuss what the potential fallout might be,” added frontman William DuVall about the potentially controversial subject matter. “There is a fine line between provoking and gratuitous offending. And there’s also a fine line between provoking and preaching.”

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