Tonight’s HFS Locals Only Spotlight features a Northern Virginia rap-rock band named FunkMnkyz (pronounced “funk monkeys”).

Or maybe, as they point out, rap-rock is an inadequate way to describe the whole of their sound. So what does the band call themselves? They suggested “post-funk-alterna-hop” and “Indie-rap-punk-funk”…but we’ll let you decide what you want to call it.

If they look or sound familiar, maybe you caught them in 2010 when they won the right to open the main stage at the HFStival. (Yes, there were a couple of smaller HFStivals while we were off the FM band!)

And if they’re not familiar, then you can remedy that by catching ’em live at the Rock & Roll Hotel in D.C. on Wednesday, April 24th. (Tickets are still available!)

To find out more about ’em, check ’em out on Facebook…and if you have a local band you’d like us to feature on the HFS Locals Only Spotlight weeknights at 8 PM, here’s how to get your stuff to us.


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