With a career spanning eight albums over two decades, Jimmy Eat World have earned themselves two generations of fans. Their 2001 breakout album, Bleed American, came out swinging with four hit singles that got heavy rotation on radio and MTV in the early ’00s. “The Middle,” the catchiest of the record’s tracks, reached No. 1 on the Hot Modern Rock Chart and No. 5 on the Hot 100.

After 19 years, seven albums and myriad of hits, Jimmy Eat World have made a lasting impression across multiple generations and fans of all types of music. The band released its seventh studio album, Damage,earlier this week (June 11).

“The Jimmy Eat World fan is hard to characterize because it’s constantly changing,” frontman Jim Adkins told Radio.com. “I met someone last night that had been a fan since our first record, said Adkins. “There’s people like that. Then there’s people that discovered us when ‘The Middle’ got really big in 2001-ish. There’s people who heard our new single [‘I Will Steal You Back’] on the radio — knew who we were but never heard us before — that show up. It’s everybody.”

“Or even, you have people our parent’s age,” added guitarist Tom Linton.

While the band are more than happy to play for their dedicated older fanbase, they’re thrilled to bring new listeners into the family as well, though this admittedly can lead to awkward clashes between the two age generations of fans.

“I’ve met 14-year-old girls who were embarrassed because their mom, who they brought to the show, was freaking out,” Adkins recalled. “She made her mom listen to us in the car and then her mom got to be a fan too. Then her mom was freaking out because she was meeting us and the daughter’s like ‘Mom, be cool!’”

Below, watch more of Radio.com‘s interview with Jimmy Eat World.


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