Atlas Genius At Firefly: Fighting Traffic, Dodging A Hurricane, And Sleeping With Your Brother

The first day of this year’s Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware featured a highly-anticipated set by Australia’s Atlas Genius, despite a citywide traffic jam that almost derailed their appearance (and our own!). The band arrived eight minutes before hitting the stage, then brothers Keith and Michael Jeffery sat down for a chat with Reada and Josie from HFS about police escorts, road rage, dodging a hurricane, their recent tour, and recording their debut album.

Atlas Genius sit down for an interview with HFS at 97.5 (Photo credit: Alli Winer/CBS Radio)

Atlas Genius sit down for an interview with HFS at 97.5 (Photo credit: Alli Winer/CBS Radio)

“We were just out on a tour with Wolfgang and we ended up cancelling, like, four shows [due to Hurricane Sandy] because we were heading into New York, and New York was not the place to go apparently during that…but that enabled us to put the finishing touches on the album. Where we ended up getting stuck was in Harrisburg…so we were there in this hotel, holed up. We had a couple bottles of Scotch that were left over from a few shows before…so we had Scotch there, we had our laptops, so we had everything to work on the album. Harrisburg, we’ll never forget it.”

Reada and Josie asked Keith and Michael what it’s like being in a band and on tour with a brother:

“I’m totally sick of him right now,” said one. “I go to my side of the bed & he goes to his side of the bed.”

“For the record we do not share beds,” said the other with a laugh. “We actually get on really good. I mean sometimes he’s a bit of an ass, but generally he’s a nice person and so I feel, like, for brothers who tour together, I think we get on well.”


Atlas Genius pose with Josie (L)  & Reada backstage at Firefly 2013 (CBS Radio)

Atlas Genius pose with Josie (left center) and Reada (right center) backstage at the 2013 Firefly Music Festival. (Photo credit: Alli WIner/CBS Radio)


Atlas Genius is gearing up for a headlining tour this fall; get all the info at Also, check out this fan video of Atlas Genius doing “Trojans” at this year’s Firefly Music Festival:

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