Travis Barker Looks Like Pepperoni Pizza After Cupping Therapy

“Just got cupping therapy done on my back. Looks crazzzy,” exclaimed Barker in a tweet last night (July 9). Currently on tour with The Transplants, Barker underwent the treatment which left 2” dark circles on his upper back.

The therapy, which dates back as far back as 1,550 B.C., was used by Egyptian, Chinese and Middle Eastern Cultures.

Typically, the alternative therapy involves the use of small cups made of glass or plastic that are heating with a flame and placed upside down on the patient’s skin. As the air cools, a vacuum is created thus sucking the skin slightly into the cup, pulling blood to the surface. As a result, the areas affected by suction appear reddish for a time.

Despite a lack of scientific evidence proving the therapy’s benefits, its fans claim increased blood flow and the removal of harmful substances and toxins from the body which in turn promote healing.

Although not as common as acupuncture, the treatment has several dedicated organizations including the British Cupping Society and the International Cupping Therapy Association.

barker cupping Travis Barker Looks Like Pepperoni Pizza After Cupping Therapy

Courtesy Travis Barker via Instagram

Barker, who suffered severe burns including a large portion of his lower back during a 2008 plane crash, has since covered the much of area with black and grey portraits dedicated to family members.

Barker is currently on tour with The Transplants promoting their latest album, In A War Zone, available now via Epitaph.


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