By Neci
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Clear Channel)

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Clear Channel)

Neci got to chat with Rome from Sublime with Rome. Needless to say she’s pumped for Sublime with Rome to come to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor at Pier 6 Pavilion on July 17th. Rome is excited too, since everybody knows the shows right on the water are always the best ones.


Rome has been working on some solo music that he’s finished up writing. He can’t say when but it’ll be released sometime this summer.

Neci was interested in how, exactly Rome got to be involved with Sublime. Rome explains that it was purely being in the right place at the right time and knowing a few people. He was working with a producer out of Orange County, who was friends with Eric Wilson, the bass player from Sublime. Rome said that “Eric would come by every now and again to the studio.  And I just kinda started to hang out with him. And then, one day he asked if I wanted to jam at one of his parties. We were jammin’ and ‘he’s like dude play a Sublime song’ so I’m like ‘hell yea! of course.'” They kept playing a few house parties until eventually Eric asked him if he would be interested in doing it in the band. Rome was in.

Neci asks Rome what it’s like to front a band like Sublime, because those have to be big shoes to fill. Rome said that he’s not sure what it’s like yet. He’s still just riding the high and hasn’t “woken up yet,” since it must all feel like a dream. He really answers her question with another question: “Doesn’t everybody want to join their favorite band?”

Rome is known for his own style but Sublime fans have expectations as well. They want the old stuff to be true to the originals but they also want some new stuff. Neci asks him how difficult it is to maintain the old Sublime while also keeping it fresh. Rome says it’s easier when he looks at it all as just being a fan. Because above all else, that’s what he is, a fan. The only difference between him and the other fans out there is he gets to be the one that’s on the mic. He just wants to keep the old integrity intact.

Pennywise is opening up for them July 17th. Neci is just as excited as Rome to have that kind of opener at the show.

Follow Rome on Twitter, @RomeMusica for some updates and maybe even a drunk tweet or two.


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