Matt Healy Of The 1975 On America, Cheesesteaks & Dark Boy Bands

Matt Healy, singer & founding member of the the band The 1975 riding high on the success of their songs “Sex” & “Chocolate” off of their self titled debut album dropped by HFS at 97.5 to talk with Neci.

Matt Healy (L) & Neci of HFS at 97.5 (CBS Radio)

Matt Healy (L) & Neci of HFS at 97.5 (CBS Radio)

From Manchester, U.K., the four-piece met at school in 2002, although lead singer and guitarist Matt Healy was born in London and drummer George Daniel was born across the North Sea in Brussels although Matt remarks ” I played the drums in the band for the 1st week.”

Their self-titled debut, recorded with producer Mike Crossey (Arctic Monkeys, Foals), was released in 2013 and the band has been touring heavily since, returning to the US this October.

Neci wanted to know what Matt liked most about the United States: ” I like the size of it.  I think the physical size of the country & the ideas that that kind of represents really bleeds into things culturally…people are happy for each other to be successful…that’s what I like about America…and the food.”

What’s been your favorite thing to eat?  “Well, Mexican food has come into it’s own…and Philly Cheesesteaks, that’s what it’s about, we’d never heard of them before. We like Philly Cheesesteaks.”

On touring with The Neighbourhood:  “We love each other…I didn’t realize how diverse they were. They’ve got elements of  like, the Backstreet Boys but in a cool way.  They’re a kind of a really, genuine dark Boy Band. It’s never existed before. Not one that’s credible & cool.”  “We’re like each others favorite band,  We were meant to be supporting Rhianna in the UK, but we’re not. We turned that down because we wanted to go do The Neighborhood shows.”

Matt also talked about his singing: “I’ve never seen myself as a singer…I don’t know when I decided to sing, it’s just what I realized that the only way I would be able to convey anything is if I was just 100% myself. I think honesty will always out & that’s the kind of mentality that I have about all of our lyrics & the way I sing. I can’t be anybody else.”

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