New Music To Know: Butcher Babies Bring Diversity & Fierce Femininity To Metal

Heidi Shepherd – one of the two frontwomen for the Butcher Babies – is emphatic in her opinion that heavy metal should be a little bit more open minded and accepting. “We’re trying to start a movement where it’s back to where it used to be,” Shepherd told “It didn’t matter what you looked like, what your gender is, where you’re from, what you do for a living. It’s an emotion. It’s about rocking the f*** out!”

Rocking out is something that both Shepherd and fellow Butcher Baby Carla Harvey know a lot about. They also know a little something about having to explain their love for the overtly masculine genre. Harvey said she was teased, threatened, chased home from school, and had her hair pulled for loving metal music. “I’m half black, I grew up in a black neighborhood, I wasn’t supposed to like heavy metal,” Harvey explained. “At all!”

“And to make matters worse, of course, I was a girl,” she said. “Everything about it was wrong. I had to fight for the right to love my metal.”

Because of that, whenever someone makes comments about her and Shepherd being women in metal, she just turns the other cheek. “You have no idea what I went through,” Harvey said. “I’m from Detroit. I got beat up for this. Your words can’t hurt me.”



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