By Dan Weiss

Single Again is a column on where Dan Weiss investigates chart hits of the past and present, their stories, what they meant and how good they really are.

For this edition of Single Again, spoke to Brad Arnold of 3 Doors Down about the band’s debut single “Kryptonite,” which helped their debut albumThe Better Life sell over six million copies. The band’s sold over 20 million records worldwide to date, and next month they embark on an all-acoustic American tour through the summer. They have a new album due next year.

Do you consider “Kryptonite” a blessing or a curse?

Definitely a blessing, man. It got our foot in the door and got us going, and we’re still in today, and without that song I don’t know if we would even be here, so I’m definitely counting that as a blessing.

Was the song inspired by a real person or real events?

Not really a specific person, it was just really about my friendsicon1 Single Again: 3 Doors Down – ‘Kryptonite’. I wrote that song in high school and it just kind of asks the question, “will you be there for me, when I’m down or when I’m up?” I used to be a drummer and the drum lick to that song came first. I was just kind of beating on my desk in class and came up with that drum lick and the words just kind of came. And it’s funny how some songs come like that. Some songs you have to sit down and think about them and try to write them, and some songs just fall out of the sky. That was one of the ones that fell out of the sky.

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