Laura Pergolizzi, better known as the abbreviated LP, piqued the public’s interest after her song “Into The Wild” was featured in a Citi Card commercial. But Pergolizzi’s not really sure how anyone even heard her singing with that woman bragging about how she got a chance to climb the Ancient Art Tower in Moab, Utah, thanks to all the Citi points she earned.

“I’m still kind of amazed,” Pergolizzi told over the phone about her commercial success, “because I feel like the song was a bit covered up in it. You hear the song, but it’s not even the chorus of the song. I was just like, ‘Hm, I don’t know if I saw the commercial, I’d run and Google it.'”

But run and Google it they did, which Pergolizzi says still boggles her mind. “I mean, who the hell has time for that?”

It’s not that Pergolizzi isn’t grateful that people took a liking to the few second snippet of her song in a commercial that seems to run at least once every hour on all basic cable channels. Though, she herself only saw it once or twice. “I usually watch recorded TV,” she said. It just seems too easy.

Born and raised in New York, Pergolizzi had been working as a songwriter since 2007 when she wrote “Love Will Keep You Up All Night” for the Backstreet Boys. Since then she’s written hits for Christina Aguilera, Kelly ClarksonCher, reality star Heidi Montag, Rihanna and Rita Ora, who ended up recording the track, “Shine Ya Light,” after Rihanna turned it down. “She cut it and then didn’t want it on the album,” Pergolizzi explained. “She went back to it twice, but Rita Ora cut it and it did well, especially in Europe.”



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