Catey Shaw’s ‘Brooklyn Girls,’ Fact Checked by Someone Who Has Never Been to Brooklyn

If there’s one thing I know little about, it is Brooklyn.

As someone that has never been there, couldn’t find it on a map of New York City, doesn’t know a single street or attraction within it, a song like Catey Shaw‘s “Brooklyn Girls” seems pretty on top of things.

But C


“11206 where all the fly Brooklyn chicks reside”

This is in fact a ZIP code in Brooklyn, specifically one known as “East Williamsburg.” FACT CHECKED

“Combat boots in the summer, subway running under, see her on the Lower East Side”

As confirmed using Yelp, combat boots are sold in Brooklyn, so that isn’t a stretch, nor is the subway. But, where the song takes its first wrong turn, is when they are suddenly on the Lower East Side, which an editor that is currently in New York confirms is not Brooklyn. Why would a Brooklyn girl ever leave Brooklyn?

“When she walks there’s a fire, and she’s got her own style”

More than 15,000 Brooklyn crimes a year classified as violent would explain the walk, but taking a small step back, if they all have combat boots, how can each of these girls have their own style?



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