By Dan Weiss

Single Again is where Dan Weiss investigates chart hits of the past and present, their stories, what they meant and how good they really are.

For this edition of Single Again, spoke with Max Collins of Eve 6 about their hooky, wordy, 1998 hit “Inside Out.” Collins just released his first solo album, Honey from the Icebox. Eve 6 are currently on the Summerland Tour this summer along with Spacehog, Soul Asylum and Everclear.

~ Was “Inside Out” a blessing or a curse?

Max Collins: I wrote it when I was 17 years old, most of it in my bedroom at my parents’ house, then I wrote the second verse in my 11th grade English class. And looking back on that song and the time, with some objectivity I guess, there’s something really pure about it. There’s no…ambition, or any of the sort of things that come with—you know when I think of hit songs, I also think of people who really trying to write one, and I really wasn’t, I was just, you know, being 17. And the song has afforded me this career — it’s certainly made me a lot of money, which is nice — and given me the opportunity to have an audience many years later. So I guess the simplistic, one-word answer would be a blessing.

What inspired the tune, is it based on real events?

When I hear the song now, I hear a kid talking about…kid stuff in a way. It was the first girl that, you know, broke my heart or whatever. It was angst born of feelings I’d never felt before.

Has the person heard the song?

Oh yeah, yeah, for sure.

Did you get any kind of reaction about it?

No, I’ve only spoken to her a couple of times since and…I can’t remember what she said but…I know she heard it was me…I don’t really have an answer for you, sorry.

How did she know it was her you were singing about? From any specific lyric?

Probably because it was that time period, and I’m sure she was aware of the effect she had on me.


Read more about Eve 6’s single, “Inside Out” on


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