In the history of electronic music, few if any artists have simultaneously thrilled and frustrated fans as effectively as Aphex Twin. Releasing a series of classic records (and music videos) like “Come to Daddy” and “Windowlicker” throughout the ’90s, the artist also known as Richard D. James became a notorious recluse, occasionally reappearing to issue music in borderline anonymous fashion (including the notorious Analord series).

Now, the mysterious producer seems to be on the verge of satiating his legion of diehard fans with his first new proper Aphex Twin album since 2001 full-length, Drukqs.

The first sign of imminent Aphex Twin activity came over the weekend, when blimps emblazoned with the artist’s logo and “2014” were spotted flying over London and New York City. While excited fans clamored for theories behind the unexpected flying machines, today (August 18) the Aphex Twin Twitter account posted an internet link, which, according to Stereogum, leads to a site on the “deep web” that seems to indicate the tracklist and cover art (see above) for a new album. For users without the Tor browser needed to access the deep web, Pitchfork has located a much more easily accessible site, albeit  one without the tracklist or album title, SYRO.



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