By Brian Ives 

Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor is a guy with a well-informed opinion on nearly any subject you can think of, and he’s also a guy who thinks a lot about how people should treat other people. In fact, that subject is at the core of his latest book, You’re Making Me Hate You.

Taylor is a native Iowan (“I’m very proud that Iowa is a blue state,” he notes) but has spent time touring all over the country in both of his bands.  So we asked him about the ongoing debate over the Confederate flag and whether or not it should be hung on government property.

“Everyone tends to romanticize a little bit, about the history,” he tells “Until you really go back and look at the history. I don’t—I can’t—respect what it represents. I just can’t. The fact that it was flying in front of the courthouse in the first place… do you think anyone who’s not white is going to walk into that place and feel like justice is going to be served? If you’re going to do that, is it OK to have one of the guards dressed as a Klansman?”

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He recognizes the commonly used defense, that the Confederate flag represents “heritage, not hate.” He counters: “It doesn’t matter what you feel it represents. I can’t respect it. There’s right and there’s wrong, and then there’s crazy wrong. And that’s just crazy wrong.”

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