AFI Debut New Retro Sounding Song ‘Get Hurt’

It's an up-tempo but brooding song.

By Amanda Wicks

After debuting their trippy new video for “Snow Cats,” AFI return with yet another new song off their forthcoming album AFI (The Blood Album).

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Titled “Get Hurt,” AFI’s latest is an up-tempo, brooding number that finds vocalist Davey Havok trying to cultivate privacy in a world that thrives on over-sharing. “I can’t let you see/ I can’t let you see/ I can’t let you see me sleeping,” he sings on the chorus. With a wild, reaching guitar solo, pounding drums and emphatic harmonies, “Get Hurt” balances a rollicking pace with a tormented feel. The retro-sounding trackĀ sounds strangely familiar to REM’s music recorded in late 80s. It’s not secret Havok and crew are fans of music spawned in the Reagan era.

AFI (The Blood Album) drops on January 20th, the same day as the bandĀ kicks off their North American tour in Los Angeles.

Listen to “Get Hurt” below.

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