HFS Locals Only Spotlight


Hey, are you a band or musician who’s based in Baltimore, Washington DC, Maryland, or Northern Virginia? We want to hear your stuff. Send us your best, and you might be featured on The HFS Locals Only Spotlight, weeknights at 8 PM on HFS at 104.9. Send your CDs to:

HFS Locals Only Spotlight
HFS at 104.9
1423 Clarkview Road, Suite 100
Baltimore, MD 21209

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Yes, sound quality definitely matters. Good music is easily spoiled by crappy recording quality. Just say no to low-bitrate MP3 files. (Make sure they’re at least 256 kbps.) We prefer a WAV (or FLAC) file if at all possible.
  • Remember that the FCC are our unsympathetic overlords, so please send us “clean” versions of your songs.
  • If you’re sending us an entire album or an EP, indicate one or two tracks that you think are your “singles” or songs that would most fit on HFS.
  • Give us background information about your band so we can better introduce you to new fans.
  • Make sure we can find your contact info so we can let you know when we’re playing your music.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: Don’t email your songs to us.

It doesn’t take long for high-fidelity sound files to fill up an inbox. If you take the time to burn your songs to a CD (or DVD, thumb drive, whatever) and mail or bring it to us, we’ll take the time to check it out…or, if you want to send us a link to where we can download (not stream) some high-quality files of your music, contact us by filling out this nifty little form.

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